Sudarshan Setu; Significance, Length, Cost, Construction and other key points

On Sunday, PM Modi inaugurated the Sudarshan Setu bridge in Gujarat. This modern cable-stayed bridge spans 2.32 km across the Arabian Sea, connecting two points. Expected to boost transportation and connectivity, the bridge aims to spur socio-economic growth in the area.

The Sudarshan Setu, also called the Okha–Beyt Dwarka Signature Bridge, is a symbol of India’s progress in building infrastructure. It links Beyt Dwarka island in the Gulf of Kutch to Okha, making travel easier in the area.

Sudarshan Setu; Significance

The bridge was opened on February 25, 2024, marking a huge achievement for India’s infrastructure. It not only helps with travel but also boosts the economy, saves time, and attracts tourists, making life better for people in the area.

The Sudarshan Setu is crucial for pilgrims because it makes traveling between Okha and Bet Dwarka easier, replacing the need for boats. It also boosts business and development in the region and makes commuting simpler for locals and travelers.

Sudarshan Setu : Size and Location:

The Sudarshan Setu stretches for 2,320 meters, making it India’s longest cable-stayed bridge. Its spot over the Arabian Sea in Gujarat makes it an important connection between different parts of the region.

Sudarshan Setu: Construction and Cost-

Sudarshan Setu is built by SP Singla Construction Pvt Ltd. The work on the bridge started on October 7, 2017, and finished on December 10, 2023. It cost ₹979 crore (US$120 million).

Sudarshan Setu: Technical Details:

The Sudarshan Setu is made of concrete and steel and has solar panels on its footpaths, producing one megawatt of electricity. It has four lanes for traffic and 2.50-meter-wide footpaths on each side, fitting smoothly into existing roads.

As a sign of progress, the Sudarshan Setu shows India’s commitment to getting better. As India looks ahead, projects like this one help bring people together and make life better for everyone.

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