Why is ‘India Out’ and #BoycottMaldives trending on X?

Why is ‘India Out’ and #BoycottMaldives trending on X?

A controversy has arisen between the Maldives and India due to offensive remarks made by Maldivian ministers regarding Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep.

This has caused a rift in relations and led to the suspension of ministers Maryam Shiuna, Malsha Shareef, and Mahzoom Majid for disrespectful comments against India and PM Modi.

Former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed condemned these comments, he said India is really important for the Maldives’ safety and success.

People got really upset about these comments on social media, and now everyone’s not sure what will happen between the Maldives and India.

Some Indian users are even talking about not going to the Maldives anymore. Additionally, the controversy has led to calls to boycott Maldives from Indian users. Even it is has become trend also the Maldivian citizens protesting with ‘India Out’ banners and due to their rud behaviour indian users are saying #boycottmaldives.

Amidst the chaos, The new President of the Maldives Mohamed Muizzu’s ‘government is taking a tough stand against these kinds of rude comments.

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