Ullozhukku Movie Review : A Story of Love and Loneliness

Ullozhukku Movie Review : A Story of Love and Loneliness

Ullozhukku is a Malayalam Movie. The movie shows unexpected events that change the characters’ lives. Urvashi is amazing as the mother-in-law, and Parvathy plays the daughter-in-law with depth and realism.

The main focus is the relationship between these two women. The ending is lovely and expected. This film is highly recommended for its touching story and excellent acting.


Ullozhukku Movie Review : Story and Plot

Urvashi is a very good actress who can play any role well. In her latest movie, ‘Ullozhukku,’ she plays a mother-in-law named Leelamma. The movie is about the relationship between Leelamma and her daughter-in-law, Anju.

They live together but have different ideas of how their lives should be and are both unhappy in their own ways. A sudden death changes everything, and the movie shows how they cope with this change.

The movie is set in a beautiful place, but it has a sad feeling because it rains a lot and their house gets flooded. Urvashi’s acting is amazing as she portrays a woman who loves her family but is broken by what happens. Parvathy, who plays Anju, also does a great job. She is quiet and unhappy with her life but doesn’t show it.

Ullozhukku Movie Review

The main focus of the movie is the relationship between Leelamma and Anju, who both have secrets and flaws. Even though they are surrounded by people, they are both lonely. The music and sound effects make the movie even more emotional. The ending is predictable but still beautiful.

The director shows the emotions well without using too much dialogue, and the other actors also perform wonderfully.

‘Ullozhukku’ is not a typical movie, but it is a must-watch because it teaches us about empathy, understanding, and love.

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