Sunil Gavaskar said Dhruv Jurel could be next MS Dhoni, here’s why

Could Dhruv Jurel be the Next MS Dhoni?

Sunil Gavaskar thinks so! After Jurel’s great innings of 90 runs in a recent match in Ranchi, Gavaskar compared his skills to those of the legendary MS Dhoni.

Jurel himself has learned a lot from Dhoni, especially during their interactions in the IPL. Gavaskar praised Jurel’s calmness and smart playing style, saying he sees shades of Dhoni in him.Jurel’s innings was impressive, even though he missed out on his century.

Gavaskar’s comments have sparked discussions about Jurel’s potential to follow in Dhoni’s footsteps. With his strong performances in various cricket formats, especially in the IPL, and his admiration for Dhoni’s advice, Jurel’s journey in cricket looks promising.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently shared a video where Jurel talked about his admiration for Dhoni and their memorable meeting. Jurel’s story of meeting Dhoni for the first time during the IPL is both inspiring and reflective of Dhoni’s impact on young cricketers.

Jurel’s stats speak volumes about his talent. With his batting skills and the wisdom he’s gained from Dhoni, Jurel could indeed be the next big thing in Indian cricket.

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