Rohit Sharma expressed his desire to play in the T20 World Cup.

Rohit Sharma, India’s cricket team captain, felt sad when they didn’t win the World Cup. Rohit Sharma’s disappointment from the World Cup loss is evident, yet he’s focused on leading India to their first Test series win in South Africa.

But now, he’s thinking about the next big games against South Africa. He really wants India to win their first Test series there, something they’ve never done before. But even if they win, he knows it won’t make up for the World Cup loss.

He’s okay with KL Rahul being the wicketkeeper,he might keep wickets in the first Test, but the duration is up to him.In the first game, and he understands that it’ll be hard to replace Mohammed Shami, who’s injured. Shami’s absence due to injury is seen as a significant loss, and Rohit acknowledges the challenge of filling that gap.

Despite feeling sad about the World Cup, Rohit is still super focused on making history in South Africa. He wants to do something that no other Indian team has done before there.

He’s really set on doing something no Indian team has ever done in South Africa. But even though he’s determined, he doesn’t think winning the Test series will fix the feeling of losing the World Cup.

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