Old Nalanda University Renovated and Inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi is officially inaugurating a new campus at Nalanda University in Bihar. Nalanda University is a famous educational institution in ancient India with thousands of staff and residents. It has a very beautiful architecture and a huge library.

Old Nalanda University Renovated and Inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi

The foundation stone for the new campus was laid in 2016 and the land was acquired after a special initiative by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

After the inauguration in his speech, he said that

” India’s golden age will begin with the construction of the Nalanda Temple.”

Nalanda University A Brief History

Nalanda, was a prominent Buddhist mahavihara (great monastery) in ancient and medieval Magadha (modern Bihar) in eastern India.

Nalanda, was located near Rajagriha (present-day Rajgir) and about 90 kilometers southeast of Pataliputra (now Patna). Founded in 427 AD, Nalanda University was a resident university in India with 10,000 students from all over the world and a library of 9 million volumes.

Active from 427 CE to the 13th century, it played a significant role in fostering arts and scholarship during the Gupta Empire’s “Golden Age of India.”

Renovation of Nalanda University

The Prime Minister’s visit marks the approval to transform Nalanda University into a modern education and research center, restoring its historical significance.

The revitalization of Nalanda University will play a crucial role in India’s development by promoting higher education and research, attracting international talent, encouraging cultural exchange, and advancing global knowledge through focused research.


Nalanda University Key Points ;

  • Global Campus: Nalanda will have a diverse campus with students and faculty from different cultures. The university provides scholarships to international students and collaborates with 17 countries.
  • Sustainable Development: The university will use eco-friendly practices as the campus has 24 buildings and offers six schools of study.
  • Spiritual Importance: Rajgir, with its rich history connected to Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, will attract scholars and tourists, promoting cultural and religious tourism.

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