Devil Movie Review: “A Fascinating Period Mystery”

Story of “Devil” Movie:

In the British Province of Rasapadu, the murder of Zamindar’s daughter, Vijaya (Ammu Abhirami), prompts Agent Devil (Kalyan Ram) to investigate.

Assigned in 1945, Devil aims to uncover the mysterious murder and also a covert communication link to INA chief Netaji Subash Chandra Bose from the Zamindar’s house, under the guise of investigating the murder.

The British General, Kenneth, directs Devil to reveal the identity of Trivarna and the method of transmitting messages to Netaji. Suspecting Nyshada (Samyuktha), the niece of the Zamindar’s wife, Devil manipulates her during the murder investigation, feigning affection to gain her trust.

The movie revolves around Devil’s mission, his motives for aiding the British, and whether Nyshada will genuinely believe in his intentions. The plot intricately weaves together the murder mystery, covert operations, and the evolving relationship between Devil and Nyshada.

The film invites viewers to discover the truth behind the murder and Devil’s mission while exploring the complexities of trust and allegiance.

Devil Movie Review:”A Fascinating Old-Time Mystery”

“Devil” is an action movie set in the past, made by Abhishek Nama. It stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Samyukta Menon, and Malvika Nair.The movie “Devil” starts with a great story full of interesting side stories, strong characters, and lots of layers.

It mixes a mystery about a murder with ideas about loving your country, making the story deeper. What’s exciting is the many surprising turns in the second part of the movie. They’re put into the story really well and don’t feel like they were forced in.

Some are so good they make you want to whistle! The way these surprises are shown also makes the movie really thrilling.

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s movies became more popular after the big hit of “Bimbisara.” “Devil” got people curious because of this, especially after a cool and impressive trailer. Now, the big question: does the movie live up to what it promised?

Even though the movie seems like it’ll be an exciting and enjoyable watch.

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