Chandu Champion Box Office Collection: Day 1, 2, 3, 4… to Day 9

Chandu Champion: Box Office Collection Breakdown Introduction to Chandu Champion “Chandu Champion,” the latest movie starring Kartik Aryan, Vijay Raj, Rajpal Yadav, and Bhagyashree Patwardhan, hit theaters on June 14, 2024.

Chandu Champion Box Office Collection

Chandu Champion film is directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Kabir Khan Films, the film has garnered attention for its star-studded cast and promising storyline.

Box Office Performance Day 1:

The opening day for “Chandu Champion” saw moderate numbers, earning approximately Rs. 4.75 crore, according to estimates by Sacnilk.

Despite comparisons showing a slower start than Kartik Aryan’s previous film “Satyaprem ki Katha,” the movie managed to make a notable debut.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 2 Collection

The earnings decreased to ₹7 crore on the second day (Day 2), which marked a significant drop from the opening day but still maintained a respectable intake.

the film has seen a rapid jump in box office collections on Day 2, earning Rs 7.7 crores. With a 45% increase in collections.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 3 Collection

The third day (Day 3) saw “Chandu Champion” achieving its highest daily collection of ₹975 million, indicating a peak in audience attendance and ticket sales.

With a jump in collections on day 3, the total box office collection now stands at Rs 21.75 crore. Critics have given the film 4 stars and recommend it for fans of emotional storytelling and wholesome sports biopics.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 4 Collection

As the film progresses through its first weekend, “Chandu Champion” has shown promising growth.

By its fourth day, the movie is expected to achieve a box office collection of around Rs. 5 crore. Notably, there was a significant surge in collections on Sunday, marking an increase of over 42% from the previous day. However, typical for Monday releases, a decline of up to 50% in collections is anticipated compared to Sunday’s figures.

Day 4 witnessed a decline in earnings to ₹5 million, showing a decrease from the third day but still a substantial figure.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 5 Collection

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 5 Collection collected ₹3.25 crore on its fifth day after release, bringing its total collection to ₹39 crore.

On the fifth day (Day 5), the collection further dropped to ₹325 million, marking a significant decrease compared to previous days.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 6 Collection

On day 6 of Chandu Champion Box Office Collection the film collected ₹ 3 crore, taking its total India nett to ₹ 32.75 crore. Kartik has been visiting theatre screenings to meet fans and see their reactions to the film.

The sixth day (Day 6) concluded with earnings closing at ₹30 million.

Chandu Champion Box Office Day 7 Collection

Chandu Champion box office Day 7

Today Kartik Aaryan film to cross nears Rs 40 crore mark.

The Kartik Aaryan-starrer Chandu Champion has crossed the ₹35 crore mark at the box office on its seventh day of release.

Chandu Champion Performance in India & Globally

Global and Domestic Earnings Internationally, “Chandu Champion” has grossed approximately 17 crores in just two days, with India contributing 11.75 crores to the net collection. Outside India, the film has earned an additional 3 crores.

In terms of gross collection within India, the total stands at 35 crores. Conclusion Despite a slower start, “Chandu Champion” is gaining momentum in box office collections, showcasing a robust performance over its initial days.

Chandu Champion Box Office Collection: Day 1 vs Day 7

Chandu Champion Box Office Collection till now :

“Chandu Champion” started showing in theaters on June 14, 2024. On its first day, it made about Rs. 4.75 crore from ticket sales. By day 7, it’s expected to earn around Rs. 35 crore. Although it began slower than some of Kartik Aryan’s past films, “Chandu Champion” is steadily gaining popularity and is likely to draw more viewers as time goes on.

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