Anupamaa New Update Today 26th June : Tension among Anupama,Shruti and Anuj

In the latest episode of “Anupamaa,” tensions rise as Anuj starts to doubt Anupama and Shruti’s friendship.

Anuj eagerly waits for Anupama with sweets but feels unsure about their relationship. Anupama asks Shruti for advice, but Shruti accuses her of trying to break up her relationship with Anuj.

Anupama defends herself, saying she loves Anuj honestly and would never try to manipulate him. The argument gets worse as Shruti accuses Anupama of meddling in her romance with Anuj. Anuj looks for Anupama as the tension grows.

Meanwhile, Shruti threatens to reveal something that could damage her relationship with Anuj, but Anupama denies it. Shruti is confident Anupama will confess her love to Anuj and imagines them getting back together.

Anuj sees Anupama upset and asks how she’s feeling, becoming more suspicious. Just as Anupama hesitates to share her feelings, Shruti interrupts, making things even more tense. Amidst all this drama, Aadhya starts a truth or dare game with the Shah family to lighten the mood.

Vanraj joins in, facing challenges like being asked to dance with Kavya, which he turns down.

During the game, Anupama asks Shruti a direct question with Vanraj backing her up. The episode ends with Anupama posing a difficult question to Shruti, hinting at potential revelations and more surprises in their relationships.The episode ends with uncertainty about what happens next.

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